Too bad there isn’t a sarcasm font, because, well, I was being super sarcastic when I said I was zooming!!

As far as the Bonnie Mystery quilt goes, I am REALLY far behind. I have clue #1 done. Woo-hoo! I’ve done a few units from clue #2 & 3. I haven’t done any of clue #4 (except the HST which were included in clue #1)

And now, for clue #5, I’ve managed to get a whopping ONE done:


We’re supposed to make 25 of the 4 patch in the center of the block and 4 other 4 patches (which I’m guessing will be the border corner stones), but I’ve made ONE! Ugh!

It hasn’t helped that I’ve been feeling kind of crappy the past few days. Not miserably sick, just blechy. (Imagine that, spell check recognizes “blechy”!) I’d like to have some more energy, so that I could get caught up on all the clues!!

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