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Alright, technically today is the second day, but you get the idea!!

I didn’t get a lot of sewing done over the holidays (as was expected!) but I did get to do some visiting with family. DH got a new caboose for his train set:


And some of the grandchildren were able to see it. This DGC liked to pretend to be a bridge or lay things on the track and then “rescue” them just in the nick of time:


DS#2 and DS#3’s girlfriend were trying to figure out something on the phone and DBIL was just chillin’:


DD and DS#3 were playing video games on the new game system – It’s an retro inspired Atari system with 99 old games that the kids played “way back” in the late 80’s and early 90’s:


To top off all the festivities, Bonnie released the final clue for the mystery quilt at 12:01 am on January 1, so we are now able to finish the quilt. Now I have a series of photos to share. The first photo is the Bonnie layout. What she has put together:


This is what I guessed the block would look like – this time the corner blocks are the way Bonnie suggests but I’ve flipped the inner units so that the black triangles are to the inside:


Also, if you will notice in the upper left hand corner there is a strip of orange fabric. This is to represent the plain square cornerstones of the sashing, that Bonnie recommends. But in the upper right hand corner is a green and white pinwheel. This is what I thought the cornerstones might look like. I’m really torn here – I love Bonnie’s quilt, it looks fantastic (click HERE to go to her website and see the finished product.) But I really, really like the pinwheels in the corners of the sashing! What should I do? Do I remain true to my heroine and use the plain cornerstones? Or do I follow the beat of my own drummer and use the pinwheels!?!

Since it will be a while until I can actually get to a point where I’m making any cornerstones I guess “Time will tell”.


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