I can hardly believe it!!! I managed to sew together all the blocks and sashing for “Grand Illusion” into a flimsy!!! I still need to add borders to it, to make it a queen size quilt, but – Whoopie!!!! – I’ve got this much finished!

DH was still not feeling great yesterday, so he curled up under his quilt, with a heating pad under his feet to keep him warm and sat with me while I sewed. That’s really the only reason I managed to get so much done. If he had been feeling better and was out working, then I would have felt compelled to do more work around the house, too. And then I would not be so far along.

And, then, last night I started the center for the round robin quilt that I’m going to do for our group’s challenge. I can’t show it (Martha and Sue!!!) but, Barb, do you remember talking about it with me this weekend? I suggested a method I wanted to use and then you suggested a possible color scheme and design idea. Well, I took that under advisement and came up with something along those lines. Since I can’t reveal any more hints than that, I hope you remember! I can’t wait until we get together in February to show you what I decided on!!


a good deed