I guess I left myself open for questions when I said that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the red and green applique block.


But when I said that I was going to have to decide whether I wanted to make a wall hanging or a bed sized quilt, I didn’t actually mean that I would make that decision right away!!!

No, I have to let the idea percolate for a while.

Maybe a LONG while.

Let me share a little bit about the decision process, which goes something like this:

1) Think of at least two options for what to do with the piece in question

2) Keep the piece out where I can see it all the time

3) Look at it repeatedly

4) Think of more options (optional)

5) Start working on other projects that don’t require decisions

6) Eventually move piece to a less prominent place, while reminding myself that I really do have to decide what I’m going to do with it.

7) Keep working on other projects

8) Get tired of “hearing” the piece “nag” at me, also, it’s in the way when I am actually working, so put it away somewhere “safe” where I’ll “remember that it’s right here”

9) Forget where I put it

10) Have a “Eureka” moment and come to a possible decision, then look everywhere for the piece – can’t find it anywhere!

11) Find it when looking for something else

12) Hooray! I can now move forward with it, but I have this one project that I have to get done before I can start

13) Put it in a “better” safe place

14) Repeat steps 9 – 13 X amount of times (X representing anywhere from 0 to infinity!)

15) Finally have the time and inclination to finish the ?!@# piece

16) Gather supplies to get piece finished

17) Can’t find the fabric that matches, that I know I have 3 yards of and can’t do anything until I find it

18) Finally decide what to do, have all the supplies needed and get started on the project

19) Wonder what took so long to get it done because I love it SO much!!!

So there you have it – a peak into my “creative genius” brain!!!

As to the question of what I’m going to do with the red and green applique – I haven’t decided yet!!!


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