The meeting last night was really great. There were a lot great quilts for show and tell. Everyone seems to have been working diligently this winter to get some really pretty projects finished. I especially liked one of Lynn’s quilts. She had used a pre-printed panel with Monster trucks on it, added some bright fabrics and used a checkered flag binding. If DGC#5 had seen it, he would have wanted it right away!!!

After show and tell, Karen gave a demonstration using a specialty template to easily make some complex looking blocks. She also gave advice on using templates to mark your quilting pattern on the quilt top. I confess that I don’t use marking very much (okay, practically never!) so I didn’t pay real close attention, but I did get an idea of how it can be done, if I ever want to mark my quilting. I also know who to call if I forget how it’s done and need some more pointers!!!

We had a few new people at the meeting. I sat next to Chris (I hope that is how she spells her name!) I hope to see more of her!

Then Sue came back to see me and gave me a bag chock-a-block full of scrap fabrics!! Wow, it was like Christmas!!! I’m going to have fun pettingsorting it all and incorporating it into future projects. Thanks, Sue!!

Finally, we exchanged our Round Robin centers. The one that I got has a cute chicken appliqued onto a fabric that has a chicken wire print on it. So-o-o Adorable!! My mind is buzzing with ideas of what to add to it.


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