DS#3 and his girlfriend took a vacation up to Bar Harbor, Maine. They had a wonderful time and came back rested and refreshed. They also came bearing gifts!! There’s a t-shirt for DH and a pair of the cutest lobster socks for me. Also, we each got a patch for our leather jackets (you know, because us “bikers” have to have patches on our jackets!!)


But the best thing of all is that they decided to go into a quilt shop in Bar Harbor –


Fabricate at 64 Mount Desert Street. They said they had excellent service even though they were only purchasing one piece of fabric. And here it is:


One yard of fabric with a cute little whale print:


And now I’ve got another decision to make!

Should I look for patterns that will only need one yard of a focal fabric and make a quilt that makes this part of the main design?


Do I cut it into my favorite strip sizes and have this fabric show up in a multitude of quilts!?!

DH suggested a compromise between the two – use a large part of it for a project planned around this fabric and then have scraps of it to use one piece at a time in other quilts.

What do you think!?!


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