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Every Sunday our Pastor gives a short anecdotal story before taking up the offering. This Sunday his story started out with, “It’s really easy to start a new project.” His point was that when the newness wears off, we should not jump to something else. Unfortunately, when he made that statement, it gave me the giggles, since it made me think of all the new projects I’ve started and not quite finished.

I did manage to pay attention to the rest of the service – really, I did. But in the back of my mind was that nagging little thought about starting new projects before I finish previous ones.

It is easy to start something new, isn’t it!?! It was really easy to start making Lozenge units last year for a Leader/Ender challenge when Bonnie mentioned it on her blog. But now when I’m just finishing up the sewing of Three Thousand Six Hundred seams before I even start to put together the units, well, it’s not so easy to persevere! I’ve still got to sew together the 450 units to make the flimsy and then it will need quilted and bound.


It makes me tired just thinking about it.

And there are so many other pretty projects that I’d like to do. It’s very tempting to say, “I’ll just try one block of this new idea, to see how it will look.” And before you know it, you’ve got another WIP (Work in Progress) going on.

I’m trying to control this crazy impulse to start new projects until after I’ve finished some of the older projects. But it’s HARD!!!

When looking for some ideas for trying to keep the madness under control, I found this:

“Five behavioural stages can prove to be the symptoms of ICD: an impulse, growing tension, pleasure from acting, relief from the urge and finally guilt which may or may not arise.”

So, I’ve got Impulse Control Disorder!?! It sure sounds like it! First, I get an impulse to start a new quilt. Second, I try to resist starting something new. Third, I finally start sewing “just one block” and it feels good. Fourth, I like the new project. Fifth, I sometimes feel guilty about the mass of projects that are waiting to be finished.

I also found 119,000 results for Quilting ADHD, so it looks like I’m not alone with this problem!!

I guess the only solution is to make more time for sewing, so that I can get some of these older projects finished!!!


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