With everything else that was going on from the weekend and then catching up after being away for the weekend, I almost forgot about my goals for the month.

In August I hoped to get the following four things done:

1) Finish the #&%*^# Amish quilt!!! – What!?! It’s still not done!?! This is just getting ridiculous!!!

2) Finish making the lozenge units and sew them into a flimsy – DONE!!

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for taking this photo of my quilt.

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for taking this photo of my quilt.

3) Since I am taking two Bonnie Hunter classes at the end of the month, I will be starting two more projects – Talking Turkey and Carolina Christmas – DONE, I have certainly started two new projects!!


4) 10 Hexie flowers – I hardly did any hand sewing this month, I think I only finished two flowers

Well, August was not as productive as I would have liked. I didn’t even do any “extra credit” sewing! But there were other things going on – going to the Fair to watch the DGC, canning tomatoes and freezing corn, etc.

Here’s the goals for September:

1) Let’s try this one more time – Finish the Amish quilt (so that I can get quilting on other things done!!)
2) Help Mom with her quilt
3) Piece Talking Turkey
4) 10 hexie flowers

That’s it. We’ll see how it goes


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