Seriously, this isn’t really another project – it’s just a continuation of something else.

You remember I was working on the Leader/Ender challenge and making the Lozenge quilt, right?

Well, while I was making that, I was also producing little HST units from the corners of each lozenge.

Now I’m trying to get those assembled into a little quilt. So, I’m not really starting another project!

Only thing is, I’m not sure how I should assemble them. Here are the ideas I’ve come up with so far:


1) straight set


2) straight set with alternate block


3) on point set with alternate block


4) a strippy quilt with strip sets like this alternating with plain strips (maybe a blue fabric)


5) a strippy quilt with strip sets like this also alternating with plain strips, maybe blue.

So, what’s your vote? BTW – I have 450 of the little pieced squares and they measure 1-1/2 inches finished. Option 1 would make a wall hanging. Option 5 could, potentially, make a bed size quilt.

Thanks in advance for helping me decide.