Boss #3 has me on a one day a week schedule. He’s a little flexible, but typically I work on Thursdays for him.

So, each and every Thursday I am likely to be posting that I am at work.

Last night I was hoping to get some fun sewing done. But then DS#2 stopped by with something that he needed my help with:


The costume that DGC#5 picked out needed a little extra room across the shoulders.  So I added a piece of black at the back opening. I hope it works – I won’t know until he tries it on and he’s with his mom until the day he needs it. So there won’t be any time for adjustments, if needed.

I have been sewing some Hexie flowers now and again, but that’s about it. I am really in need of some dedicated sewing days!! I have 27 WIPS and haven’t worked a lick on any of them!!

I need to post a sign: