Once again, I’ve volunteered to supervise making a quilt to donate to Hospice. So now I have to decide on the pattern, color, style, etc. And I need to do it before December 5th – that’s when our LQS has a big sale and I’ll be able to get all the fabric we need, and probably some extra for me that I don’t really need. 😉

I’ve been looking through my quilt books, but wasn’t finding anything that I really liked. Finally I just started doodling on my graph paper until I came up with something.

Then I decided that I would make a sample to see the best way to put it together.


Here’s what I’ve come up with for the pattern. I’d like to do the quilt for Hospice with bright batiks. The mock-up is in softer colors because I also needed a gift for someone. Not wanting to let something go to waste, I will take my sample squares and turn them into that gift.

Today I’m taking Mom to her doctor’s appointment and Thursday and Friday are work days, so I’m not going to get much sewing done. But that’s what I’ve been doing lately.