Grandchildren came to visit

We had four of our adorable grandchildren come to visit last Wednesday afternoon and stay until last night. There was no school on Wednesday or Thursday and a two hour delay on Friday. The temperature was bitter cold outside. Four grandchildren inside for four and a half days. The cartoon above does not even begin to depict how our house looks like right now!!!

Oh but we did have fun!!! We played board games and had long conversations. And I had made enough food ahead of time to be able to feed an army! Now I just need to re-stock the cupboards, because like Mother Hubbard, mine are pretty bare now!!

During the few minutes between feedings, I was able to get the binding on the Amish quilt. Now I just need a sunny day to be able to take some photos of the finished product.

But right now, I’m going to try to clean up – if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to have it finished before this weekend (Bev and Barb!!)


Grandmother's Love