Apparently, once I finally got that dad – blamed Amish quilt finished, it opened the flood gates for me.

I loaded, quilted and finished another quilt.


This is one of the two Tumalo Trails quilts that I started a while back (2 years or was it 3 years ago?)

This one is to be gift for someone that has helped us a lot over the years. I thought it would be a nice thank-you.

One of the reasons why it got done was that I did a very simple quilting pattern.


Just wavy lines. I’d go across making waves, then come back with a close echo line. Then leave a space and repeat. I didn’t try to match the waves. I just waved randomly. I thought about turning the quilt and doing waves perpendicular with these. But I decided that it was fine just as it was.

DH is progressing on his project, but I don’t have a finished pantry yet. There have been a few mis-measurements which has resulted in lots of banging and cursing today. I’m just thankful I haven’t been doing any of the measuring!!! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start putting things in there.