Before I get to my goals – just a reminder that the Hospice Quilt Workshop/Retreat will be starting on Thursday, April 7 at 10:00 am. Please let me know if you will be staying overnight, so we can plan meals. Thanks.

a good day spent quilting

Now I’ll post about the goals for April. But first I need to review how March went.

Goals for March:
1) Finish helping my friend with her project – DONE! Vanessa came and did the quilting on her quilt and has gifted the quilt. I believe it will be well loved.

2) Quilt Allietare – DONE!


I still need to bind it, and then it will be usable. My plan had been to take it to the cabin, but DH wants me to keep it at home for a while, so that he can enjoy it more. Whatever! I replaced the 30’s reproduction quilt at the cabin with one that is slightly more “rustic” – my Sunflower quilt.


3) Quilt one other flimsy – Nope – I took a break from LAQing, because I had so much other stuff to do.

4) 10 hexie flowers – I did a few, but I don’t think I managed ten.

Let’s say I have a 60% completion for March. But then I did “extra credit” (You know me by now, don’t you!?! I’m easily distrac . . . SQUIRREL!!!)

1) I pieced a large amount of the remaining HST for Ocean Waves and also started putting some of the HST into the components that make each block.
2) I made a table runner for the spring/summer using a piece of fabric from my stash.
3) I finished a few small projects that have been languishing for quite a while in the back of the closet – a tree skirt for the holiday tree, some decorations for the tree and some hemming.

Even though I spent a lot of time with work and cleaning (okay, maybe not TOO much time with the cleaning!!) March was a fairly productive month.

For April:

1) Supervise and participate in getting the Hospice quilt top finished.
2) Bind Allietare – I want to do the scalloped border that Bonnie suggested.
3) Kit up and work on blocks for a take along project, if and when DH and I go camping
4) 10 more hexie flowers – Someday I’d like to get this project finished!!!


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