Believe in Yourself

Between boss #1 needing all of his invoicing done and other office work taken care of, boss #2 needing extra days due to a special project and boss #3 just needing his work taken care of, I have been one busy little office worker!


This does not allow for much time to get any sewing done. I have managed to do a little, here and there and, thankfully, every little bit adds up.

For May I wanted to:
1) I want to get the binding on the Allietare mystery quilt. DH has been waiting patiently (mostly because I’ve been cleaning more than I’ve been sewing lately and he’s always good with that!) But it’s time to have it finished and usable. DONE – The binding is all finished and now we can use it. But we’ve had such warm weather that we don’t need any quilts right now!!

2) I’d like to assemble all the blocks for my Aqua Ocean Waves quilt. I had finished what I though were all the HST for it last month, but now I’ve found I didn’t cut enough. So there is plenty more piecing to do. No, I didn’t manage to get the blocks all assembled. I did make some progress on it, just not as much as I would have liked.


3) I have two blocks that I need to finish and turn in at our next quilt meeting which is tomorrow night – nothing like waiting until the last minute!! No, this isn’t done either. I did go in and sew the pieces of the blocks together. And I thought I was being extra careful with all the bias edges, but something didn’t turn out right. I spoke with Martha (the coordinator for this project) and we discussed what could be done to make it work. I have until next week to get this corrected and ready to turn in.

4) As always, I would like to get at least 10 hexie flowers done to add to the “mothership” which will eventually be a large wall hanging or throw quilt. No, I thought I’d get a bunch done over Memorial Day weekend, but that didn’t happen. We went camping with DS#2, his children, 2 of our other grandchildren, another couple and their DD. Nope, not much chance of sewing with all that going on.

For June I’d like to:

1) Finish Aqua blocks
2) Finish Christmas blocks
3) Load and quilt 50th Birthday quilt
4) 10 hexie flowers