The Bonnie Hunter mystery will begin in one week!! Woo-Hoo! I get to start another quilt!!! I only have 29 projects that need to be finished right now, so what’s one more!?!

Yeah, in case you hadn’t realized it, I’ve been swimming in the crazy pool for quite some time!!


I’m still planning on diving in and stitching along with everyone else on this mystery. But I’m not sure about my fabric choices.


I am definitely going to use just one fabric per color, so that I can use up some more yardage. And I had the black as the background, instead of cream neutrals. I think it might be striking with a black background.

But I’m not sure if the other colors work together. Should the magenta be something more tone-on-tone and the dark purple have more pattern to it. I have other fabrics that I could try out, but I don’t have access to photos of them right now. I’ve got one week to decide and, once again, I’m over thinking.

I think I’ll have to fix myself a cuppa tea, pull out all the fabrics I could use and just stare at it all for a while.