Once again, I woke up early and my first thought was, “Clue #2 is today!!”

But when I get to the computer Clue #2 has not been posted yet.

So now I am trying to patiently wait for it to show up. Yes, I’m refreshing the page one or two times per minute! No, it’s still not there!!! I have to work for Boss #2 today, and I really want to at least see the clue before I have to leave this morning. Actually, what I really want, is to stay home and cut and sew until I have clue #2 finished!!!

Meanwhile, I’ll clear up a misunderstanding. Yesterday, at the end of my blog post, I included a photo of a beautiful, antique red and green quilt. It was meant as a little Christmas cheer. But I didn’t make my intentions plain.

So, for the Christmas season, I am searching for images of red and green quilts to share with you. They are not my own work. They are just images that I found on Pinterest and am sharing here. I should have explained that yesterday, but I just had a “Brain Bubble”

To those of you that thought I made that quilt – Thank you! You must think that my skills are so incredibly better than they actually are!!!

I love red and green applique quilts and I hope to make one some day. I did finish one block, but haven’t made the time to do another (and I need nine blocks for a queen size quilt)

Red and Green applique - I was only going to do one, but I think I'll eventually make enough for a bed quilt.

Red and Green applique – I was only going to do one, but I think I’ll eventually make enough for a bed quilt.

Well, the clue still hasn’t shown up and I better start getting ready for work.


PS – Here’s another red and green quilt to enjoy. Merry Christmas!