Warning: I’m going to share what I think Bonnie might be doing for En Provence. If you don’t like to guess what’s going on, then you shouldn’t look today.

I actually sat down and started sketching some ideas. It’s not in color (I was not ambitious enough to search for my colored pencils) but this is what I have tentatively come up with:

First, I believe that the quilt is going to be set on point.

I think the Dark purple/light purple foursies will go around the outside of the quilt – 5 in each of 24 blocks and 2 each in 24 setting triangles. (168 total) the dark purple tri recs units will be in the second round in – 4 each in 20 blocks. (80 total) The magenta tri recs units will be part of the center of the quilt – 4 each in 25 blocks.(100 total) And the dark purple HST will alternate with the magenta tri recs in the center of the quilt 4 each in 16 blocks. (64 total) I haven’t quite figured out how the neutral foursies will fit in all of this. And I would really love to know what she is doing with the green and yellow!!!

According to my calculations, the units for the quilt are 75% done.