A little friend of mine was wearing this T-shirt and I loved it. I think I need to get some of these in adult sizes for all my friends and family!!

Now onto the task of the day – reviewing progress on my monthly goals.

I’m a few days late getting this going. All the extra hours with bosses are certainly helping my wallet. But the time in front of a sewing machine is sadly curtailed. And that doesn’t help me reach the goals I’ve set for myself. Here’s what I wanted to do in January:

1) Piece En Provence into a flimsy. – Almost. I have the main body of the top done, but I still need to add borders.

2) Finish red, white and blue donation quilt. I mean it this time!!! Well, I really meant it at the time, but sadly, it still isn’t done.

3) Quilt my 50th birthday quilt. For real, I need to get this done!! “Sigh” I am going to have to take Bev’s suggestions and set the timer for 1/2 hour and force myself to stand at the quilting frame and get this done. I know that if I get started, it won’t take long to finish. But I have a stupid mental block that is keeping me away. Ugh!!!

4) You know what this is going to be – 10 more flowers on the hexie quilt. – Okay, I did 8 1/2 which isn’t 10, but hey, at least I made some progress!!

Of course, being the easily distracted person that I am, I did do work on the Black and Gold quilt instead of concentrating on these other projects.

I still have a good bit to do on this one. There is black sashing between the blocks and then a top and bottom border. And then I get to load it on the quilter, hopefully not causing another mental block!!! And, finally, get it quilted and bound. Whew!! I’ve got my work cut out for me!

For February:

1) 50th birthday quilt finished
2) Black and Gold quilt finished
3) En Provence flimsy
4) Hexies – I’ve got 16 1/2 flowers to make. Then it’s just a matter of attaching all the flowers to the mothership; I’m not sure how many there are since I’ve been attaching to the mothership quite regularly. But there’s a fair size stack. So I’ll be happy with any progress because the end is in sight.