Bonnie has told us that there will be a link up to share what we’ve done on our En Provence quilts. I’ve been seeing a lot of finished quilts on the Facebook Quiltville Open Studio page. Unfortunately, mine is not one of them.

Despite my last ditch effort to get the borders finished over the weekend:

I still have a borderless top:

I blame this all on my family!! They were all bound and determined to spend time with us old folks, so I was visiting with them instead of sewing. I guess I won’t complain about that!!!

Here is a link to Bonnie’s site to see all the loveliness. Click HERE

Sorry, I started this post early, before Bonnie put up the link. I kept checking her website to see it update, so that I could link to it. Unfortunately, I had to leave before it ever showed up. I’ll update when I get back.