I don’t usually do a post on the weekend, mostly because I have plenty of other things to do. But I’m making an exception today because my upcoming week is going to be very busy AND I don’t have DH with me.

He’s off to hunting camp for a glorious week of hunting and sitting around the fire swapping tall tales.

Meanwhile, I get to stay home and get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Yippee!!

This year, I have a preliminary count of 26 people that will be coming for dinner with six of those people staying overnight at my house. Wow!! There’s lots to do!

This morning I printed my spread sheet, which has the menu items listed in one column. There are columns for what each item should be cooked in, what it should be served in, what day I can start preparing it and any additional preparation or serving notes.

I am, possibly, a little bit “over” organized, but I like to have it all spelled out ahead of time so that I can have all the various cooking utensils and serving dishes all out and ready for use. I hate looking for my big meat platter (for instance) at the last minute. Or, since I need to have 3 – 9×13 baking dishes and I only own two, I want to borrow another one before I actually need it to cook!!

Also, I like to be able to actually visit with family instead of doing all the cooking and prep work while they are here. If I am organized, I can usually take a few minutes to greet my guests as they arrive. Also, if anyone offers to help, it’s easy for them to do something if the right dishes and utensils are already out.

This year, I found a chart on Pinterest, that might come in handy:

At least it might give some general guidelines for how much to make. I’m trying to have enough food for everyone, but not so much that we have leftovers for days upon end!

Obviously, I’m going to be doing two turkeys, if I need 36 pounds of turkey for only 20 people!! I need to check for sale prices and get all the groceries stocked up either today or tomorrow. And, if I’m very good at being organized and actually get everything done, I might get to do a little quilting this week, too. After all, Bonnie will be releasing the first clue of the mystery quilt on Friday!!!!