This question has been burning a hole in my brain. Mainly because I made the unusual-for-me decision to actually sliver trim while taking off all the little dog ears on clue 2 and 3.

This what my little table looks like:

And I wondered if all the extra effort is really going to be worth the aggravation. I have a pretty lacksidaisical philosophy about my quilts. If points don’t match perfectly, I usually don’t stress about it. Of course, I don’t usually make show quilts. I make cuddle quilts. Quilts you can wrap up in and settle down to read a good book in. Quilts to pile on the bed on a cold winter night.

Matching points don’t make a quilt any warmer or cuddlier.

So, while I spent hours of time trimming, I wondered how many others do this crazy thing.

Leave a comment and let me know – To trim or not to trim?